Poem for my Wife

Your fight for rights is your divine right
But when you chant, you sing for all –
You shout with reason, power and might
Yet for your fairness, few heed your call.
Mightier than any man I know
Bearer of burdens beyond us,
Logical but with a heart that grows
Your cares and passions – enormous.
You dance with might, weight and soul
You ponder away night and day
You contemplate that in and out of control
Donate to the nervous the words to say.
Unrepentant brave woman, stay as you are
Your acts inspire every, all here, near, and far.

I don’t write enough about the person behind this blog who keeps me going and inspires me in life. She teaches me, she keeps my compass straight, she is beyond brilliant, and I can only hope that everybody has someone in their lives like her.

I don’t have many things to give her, but sometimes I can write poetry. She reads Chinese poetry so typically she’s unimpressed by English verses, as Chinese poetry is really, really, really complex, but here we are. This is my attempt, and if one day she loves a poem of mine for its aesthetic value… my job will be done!

This was somewhat inspired by the Shakespearean sonnet form, but honestly it’s also another one of my 30 minute pieces – I haven’t thoroughly checked the meter, though I adhered to the ABAB CDCD EFEF GG rhyme scheme common to Shakespearean sonnets. Hope you enjoy!

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