In the vigil and hush of our election victory
Rings out the hammers of charges
For the shot, for the framed,
For those who laid themselves down
To make the path to rights
That were always ours, a path again.

Let the engines roar
Back into life.
Let us not forget why we marched in the first place.
Let us not forget the walls those sentenced made
To let the others with hearts unprepared to fight, escape.
Let us not forget how they laid themselves down
Against the lashes of typhoons and rain
And how Sunday after Sunday,
Rather than a Sabbath,
We walked with them
Till our feet were sore
While the sun blazed above
And streets were locked down
Below by flesh fueled by anger.

Just because its cold,
Do we allow the cudgels of the judges
Echo in the silence
With their hollow boasts?

Take to the streets;
The revolution’s incomplete.
December 8th:

P.S. The Cantonese words read: “See you at Victoria Park”, roughly pronounced ‘Wai Yuen Geen’

It is the next site for our legal protests in Hong Kong in this ongoing struggle to be heard by our government.

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