“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”
– Lord Acton

Don’t think that the ancient law
That might makes right
Has disintegrated by the
Passage of time;

No — while it’s rotted
Spear shafts and turned
Stone clubs to dust,
The rust of steel blades

Have been remade into ink stains
That slip onto paper laws, into
Jagged words spat out by
Twisted maws;

Sure, the pen was once
Mightier than the sword,
But the mighty have learnt
How words can make lords,

And how slippery tongues
Can reforge justice better
Than conquerors have done;
Since they know how now

To weaponize rhetorical ire;
So we must rise to write too,
Forced to fight fire
With fire.


I’ve been pretty quiet here recently. There are loads of thoughts that I’ve been having regarding the coronavirus and social distancing, but the more frightening thing has been the stillness of the streets outside, and what seemed like a grinding halt to protests in Hong Kong.

Now that our number of infected cases seem to have returned to a single-digit per week infection rate, protests have restarted. Yet in the meantime, damage was done; lawmakers and pro-democracy legislators were arrested. We lost a battle in our Legco as the pro-establishment camp literally and physically seized power, overriding and superseding the process as was written in order to push their agenda forward. Soon, we will have to deal with a national anthem law that is designed to silence any criticism or mockery of an anthem sung by those who wish to control us us in Hong Kong. The damage won’t be to us of the current era, but to the ones who follow – the young ones who will be without context as to why the law exists, the ones who will take the law as something normal, not knowing that nationalism was something that was enforced upon a population, instead of it being a loving, loyal choice.

As I write this, I am also forced to update this post with a new update about Hong Kong. Apparently the ‘highly autonomous’ part of Hong Kong’s governance is no longer part of a major speech during the ‘two sessions’. It seems like Hong Kong’s being a semi-autonomous city is over.

Read: https://www.scmp.com/news/hong-kong/politics/article/3085412/two-sessions-2020-how-far-will-beijing-go-push-article-23

I don’t know what worth words will have when the laws will be set to silence people like me. Maybe I’ll write an update again sometime in the future.

Who knows. Will be watching the news tonight. Sorry for the abrupt sign-off, but my mind’s a whirl.

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