Your spittle has worn us down to the bone.
You sprayed against epidermis till it was gone,
Sizzled away the frontline of skin and now
Every drop of spit spat hits raw flesh that
Unleashes silent screams, mutes remaining peeps,
Tongues now just worms of words buried
By the heaps of dirt you layer on us slowly,
Replacing skin with the shit you drool down
Onto the city — all you need are bones to
Reskin this body; you won’t stop to dissolve all
The flesh you need to sell out ‘heong1 gong2’:
The Fragmented Harbour City, your sales pitch
Stabbed into the lawn above your podium,
“Employment. Economy. Stability.” When
They layer you on top of us, your constant frown
Our new lawn, we’ll curse you still then. What
A pity that you never learnt the words you needed
To sing to save the city, the words to our song,
Alongside of your job that you always got wrong:
Glory to Hong Kong: “Glory be to thee, Hong Kong!”

May 26th, Carrie Lam Press Conference


What we are now dealing with in Hong Kong is a new National Security Law, which, by its description should be harmless. However, given the track record of the nation of China and the CCP, the party running the nation, such a law is far from harmless, and any promises to Hong Kong people, to the international community regarding Hong Kong, have been broken. The legislation, instead of being passed by Hong Kong legislators, is instead being ‘handed down’ through the NPCSC, a body that has legal authority over Hong Kong. While legal, this reneges on the promise that Hong Kong would have fifty years of a high level of autonomy over the city. The city is changing, promises are broken, and the CCP must be shown that this is unacceptable.

That being said, this is a poem about Carrie Lam. She is our de facto ‘leader’, who was not elected by the people nor selected by the people. This is the importance of having a vote that can actually represent your views, or at least the semblance of something close. Fight for freedom wherever you are. Don’t take it for granted. Don’t accept injustice on any population. Don’t be silent. Before long, it could be you.

Other references to Hong Kong are the existence of ‘frontliners’, those who kept the police at bay while the mass of more peaceful protesters would escape. Thousands of these frontliners have been arrested, and the front-line is now rarely seen. The new National Anthem Bill has been passed, and alongside of that, the Education Bureau has been pushing a new patriotic education, patriotic requirement for teachers and points at which schools will need to play and have the students and staff sing to the national anthem to indoctrinate and instill blind loyalty to the country, which the CCP considers a ‘duty’.

I stand against indoctrination. I stand for freedom of speech, freedom of education. That being said, some things might go down from this blog as things take effect, and I might have to reemerge elsewhere.


Fight for Freedom. Stand with Hong Kong.

Fight for Freedom. Black Lives Matter.

Fight for Freedom. Fight for Freedom.

Glory to be to thee, Hong Kong.


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