I hack words out of the throat,
Dip the nib of my pen into
A rip of a moment. See, my
Science is temporal experiment
Without hypothesis or conclusion,
My letters are made of mended
Seconds thrown together,
Mixed and swished and written
So that before I blink, I might try to
Save another memory, another
Copy-and-paste part of my day
So I can collate some idea of who
I am while a moment lasts, keep
The me and the you
Before it sinks into the void of the past.
It’s fine. Nothing lasts.
Not my throat. Not this rasp.

Still, I wish I could woo them now.
Serenade words, or at least,
Enchant them, draw them close
So that I could instead of yanking them
I could pet them, carefully select them,
Receive permission to pen them,
To dip the nib of my brain into diction
And on the curves of a letter, cursive
For a slow lazy river, for print, a
Thrilling roller-coaster, ride them.

I wish I could write words and infuse them,
Store in them more than just moments
Like a diary or off-hand rants cluttered
With emojis, saturated in futility.
I want my words one day to be more than a buffet,
Beyond this all-you-can-eat, somewhere-in-me-
In due course, of course, in due course.
Till then, I’ll sing and eat away
Just as the day eats at night and night
Sips till day.
Nothing lasts.
Not this me.
Not this past.

Then it’s fate.
One day I’ll sing magic.
One day I’ll summon
The Sea, kick off the beach of what I used to be,
Leave behind these coarse sands and journey
To wherever the waves, the wind,
Wherever their melodies can’t wait to take me.
When I write then I won’t to ask you to read me,
See me, you’ll drink up the verse
And in a word-drunk moment where your lips
Have no choice but to mouth, tongue,
Seal and unseal around these lightly bound letters,
Licking my plosives, jawing my vowels, there,
Enveloped in words, You’ll kiss me.
And that’s real magic. Real music,
Real words transmitting not moments,
Not telepathy, but empathy. Real reach,
Exploring not Mars but the heart
As we connect universes. When that happens
You and me, even though nothing lasts
And all will pass, for a moment, yes, I promise,
We’ll have touched the secret of Eternity.
But not now. Not yet.
Still. Wait for me.

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